Artist, illustrator and procrastinator


Status: CLOSED

• Thank you for your interest in commissioning me.
• Any enquiries please email me at [email protected]
• Prices are listed in AUD, PayPal Only
• Will not draw: NSFW, realism, animals, furries


- One character / Simple sketch
- No bg
- Flat colour up to $80
- Detail up to $30
- Bust $60
- Half body $90
- Full body $120

Bust $240

- One character
- Detail up to $40 fee
- Background up to $120 fee

Half Body $360

- One character
- Detail up to $80 fee
- Background up to $160 fee

Full Body $510

- One character
- Detail up to $120 fee
- Background up to $200 fee

Terms of Service

  • Commissions are to be for personal use only. For Commercial use please email me with your enquiry. (For your personal use, you are able to repost/share, use as a pfp or wallpaper but please credit me where possible.)

  • I reserve the right to use commissioned works in my portfolio and social media unless specifically requested not to.

  • I have the choice to decline any requested commissions. This may be due to time constraints or if I don't feel comfortable with the request.

  • The ETA of a commission will depend on the complexity of the request and schedule. Generally simpler work takes a few days to a week, more detailed work can be anywhere from 2 weeks to a month.

  • I will keep you updated with progress of sketches and ideas. Upon completion, you will receive the commission in full resolution file via email.

  • You are prohibited from using or associating my work with NFTs and Ai training.


  • Payments will be made in full or partial via depositing a down payment. partial payments will be paid half upfront and half after completion.

  • Refunds may be requested before commission has started (sketch). No refunds will be accepted for cancelations after.

  • Methods via PayPal

  • Prices in AUD